NYC – Day 2

27 05 2010

I met Jen and Amy on the morning of Day 2 and let Jen guide us to the Chelsea Market where we met up with Cindy of Quaint Handmade. She’s really quite wonderful and as I hadn’t been totally paying attention to plans was pleasantly surprise when she brought us up to High Line park. The park is less than half finished and still very impressive. It’s built on an elevated 1930’s freight rail line. It’s a pleasing mix of art installations, gardens, and views. Our first stop was at this fun view finder where you look through the box and line up the buildings with the cut metal panel.

This installation bellow from Spencer Finch of 700 laminated glass panels documents a 700 minute journey on the Hudson in a single day. The colors are based off pixels of photographs taken on that trip. It fits so perfectly where it is.

Jenn and Lisa joined the group at the High Line. We eventually broke into smaller groups and ultimately went off on our own for a portion of the afternoon. But before heading out on my own Jenn and I did some damage at Purl Soho. I don’t have plans yet for these goodies, but they’re starting to formulate. Maybe an obnoxious girly ruffly skirt out of that orange packet? Eleanor would love it. The Kokka fabrics on the bottom where bought with each of the kids in mind of course. Though I’ll have to convince Eleanor that the Tinker Bell/Peter Pan fabric at the bottom is not a blanket as she insists.

I chose to spend my alone time having a hot dog from a street vendor and wandering a bit in Central Park.

I also managed to squeeze in a little down time before meeting back up with the group at The Smile. Great food, great service, great atmosphere – go there if you can. We shared a cheese plate as well as a trio of yummy dips. My favorite was a carrot dip that I’m guessing had walnuts and ginger in it. For my main dish I had the cranberry bean and butternut squash over ricotta with a fried egg. I would never have thought of that combination, but let me tell you it works. We had plenty of wine and reviewed our day. It was a perfect ending. I happily commuted back to Queens, feeling pride in my train traveling independence.

See also: Jen’s Day 1 and Day 2, Jenn’s Quick Food Tour of New York and Etsy Finds

Update: Lordy, I can’t believe I actually forgot 2 more things we did that day! There was also a speed trip through MoMA before dinner and fantastically yummy dumplings at lunch with Jen and Jenn. I should wait to post until after I read Jen’s version so I don’t forget anything.



7 responses

27 05 2010
Mom and Kiddo

Love the Highline, love it love it. Have you read your kids, “The Curious Garden” by Peter Brown?

27 05 2010

purl soho *sigh*
love the fabrics you bought. can’t wait to see what you decide they will be!

27 05 2010

you’re funny with the updates! we did cram a lot in, didn’t we? and yes, the egg-squash-bean dish was soooo yummy. way better than the pb sandwich i just ate!

28 05 2010

Oh Anna, I really am so thrilled to look at all of these fab NYC photos! Makes me wish I had jumped on a plane to join you girls! Love the fabrics you chose!

28 05 2010

it was so nice to meet you and i love your views of the city. i’m glad you liked high line park and think you did very well in purl – those bundles are always irresistible.

2 06 2010

This just seems like such a splendid trip – your photo journalism is delightful too! And I think the way you all did the trip with a combination of meet ups and solo time is awesome!! Impressed too with your train traveling independence, you are awesome and you deserved this trip away to be YOU!

2 06 2010

Looks like you had a great time. Always good to be just Anna not wife or mommy for a trip. Back to reality.

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