NYC – Days 3 and 4

3 06 2010

Day 3 started out with a trip out to Brooklyn. We met up with Patricia at Terrace Bagels and then headed out for some shopping where I purchased a fabulous funtote at Sweet Charity and seriously contemplated a jewelry purchase at Cog and Pearl. Patricia is the sweetest and I wish I had spent more time with her. Some day I’d love to see her Red Bow Studio.

After a lovely morning, I split off from the group and went to The Met. Oh dear me did I have a good time. There were no children to explain things to or keep from touching this, that or the other. There were no other adults to worry that I’m going too fast or lingering too long. The lingering truly being my style. In fact I even sprang for the audio guide which slowed me down even more and really enhanced my visit. Curiously I kept getting side tracked by things I didn’t even know I had interest in such as roman sculptures and oceanic art. Part of the problem is that the Met is so darn big and I didn’t really know where to start. I finally pulled myself out of the modern art galleries, which is a weakness of mine, and focused myself on seeing a few of the current special exhibits. I loved the American Women exhibition on fashion from the 1890s to the 1940s and how it reflected on the perception of the american woman. I wished I had time to go to the Brooklyn Museum as I understand it’s exhibit on the topic is even larger. Then, curious as to why there was a roped line to the elevator and noticing the line was currently short I took it, having no idea where I was going. Well, it was going to the roof where an amazing installation by Doug and Mike Starn called Big Bamboo captured me. An amazing structure of 5,000 bamboo poles lashed together. I wished I was on a guided tour as they were the only ones allowed to actually walk up onto the construction.

Finally, I found my way to the Picasso exhibit. It was massive as befitting such a prolific and amazing artist. The only downside was how crowded it was. I was finally called back to reality by Jen and had to pull myself out of the museum. But not before buying a few gifts for the kids. Which have been quite a success if I do say so myself.

We wrapped up the night with a gathering at Il Corallo, a fantastic italian place that I highly, highly recommend. Maybe I was just famished because I had forgotten to eat lunch, but that was some good food.

We then popped our heads into Hans Koch. I’m not one for spending hundreds of dollars on a purse, but if I were, I would have done it there as they were lovely. Strolling toward a subway stop, we found ourselves at Washington Square.  A fun little park with street musicians and magicians hard at work. On our way home, Rebecca and I popped up out of the subway for a glimpse at Times Square. Lights, garbage, tourists, advertisements… Glad I saw it, but no need to go back.

There was really only the morning on day 4. By this time I was drained and my feet were begging me not to go anywhere. So I scaled back any grand notions and let Rebecca take me on a little walk through Astoria to a fab little greek bakery. I will never again be able to set foot in Astoria without stopping by Artopolis. Yummmmm…….

Farewell NYC!



5 responses

3 06 2010

oh nyc, i miss you so much!

4 06 2010

I love all the “i-didn’t-have-kids-with-me” commentary! I would have appreciated every moment of it, and it looks like you definitely did!

4 06 2010

Anna- I had the best time with you all!! It was so nice spending the morning with you and I’m glad that the museum visit was a success…I keep thinking of my famous last words- make sure you get off the D at 59th street!!

4 06 2010

we miss you too – nyc was much nicer with you sweet girls in it. i love the bamboo and haven’t seen it. probably won’t either. and, love your night time shots. come back soon y’hear! enjoy your weekend!

4 06 2010

I<3 NY

And I heart your photos. It's really time for me to get a dSLR, don't ya think?

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