Microwave Popcorn

13 06 2010

Did you know you can make your own microwave popcorn? I’ve been wanting to make some little muslin bags for this ever since I saw some on Icewerks eons back. However, apparently I can’t be bothered with sewing little drawstring bags so the idea has languished. Prompted today by a child’s request and my shear laziness at not wanting to get the big stove top popper down, I wondered why fabric? So I grabbed a brown paper lunch sack, tossed in a quarter cup of corn kernels, folded the top over twice and stuck it in the microwave. Similar to the store bought version, I nuked it away until there were pauses between pops. It worked! So I made 3 more and we sat around a fire in the backyard munching away.

I still want to make the muslin bags some day, but I’m happy I found a substitute for now. A substitute that doesn’t involve plastic lined, overpriced bags containing excessively salty popcorn. The taste of which never quite lives up to the smell. The only downside is that it was maybe a little too healthy. I did add salt but next time I may add a drizzle of butter too. Or maybe experiment with cheese and herbs. Or maybe both!



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13 06 2010
painted fish studio

fun! i don’t have a microwave so i have to make it the old-fashioned way on the stove. and i was doing it a little too frequently — late night popcorn with melted butter wasn’t doing me much good weight-wise! so it’s an indulgence that i’ve given up for now… but if i had a microwave, i wouldn’t need to use as much oil…

14 06 2010

Hey, that works just fine! Did I tell you my mom scorched one of her bags? She hit the button for 10 minutes instead of 2 … oops… I think she should stick with knitting.

14 06 2010

we don’t own a microwave either, but there’s one in the office and i love this idea. all the toppings sound great (at once) and i love skittles with popcorn, too. at the movies, i always get the kidspack! love your photo.

14 06 2010

so romantic! eating out by the fire…sounds perfect for these chilly rainy days of late. thanks for the great tip!

and arturo ALWAYS eats his with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice, then adds salt.

15 06 2010
Mom and Kiddo

We don’t have a microwave and at first the only thing I missed was popcorn but now I make it on the stove easy-peasy. I actually have an air popper, but am much too lazy to get it down out of the box! (nice to know I’m not the only one)

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