Ceramic Painting

20 06 2010

Another great pARTy put on by Jen! This time we drew on various ceramics with paint pens. I’ve done this before. And so have my kids. However, this time I had no direct purpose or outcome desired so was free to play. Especially since I had bought my items 2nd hand for super cheap.

In addition to drawing on ceramics we also experimented with alcohol paints on tiles. These things are super cool and I want to play with them more. They’re totally unpredictable when dripped, spreading this way and that. I loved it. However, they’re in need of varnished and have been left at Jen’s for safety’s sake. You’ll just have to go look at her pics to see them.

In addition to Jen’s pics, go see Kristin’s and Jenn’s. It really was a great way to spend a Saturday evening.

Only one problem. After my son saw this bowl, he requested I draw monsters on the bottom of ALL of our bowls.




5 responses

20 06 2010

i love everything you made! especially the ants – that was really cool. you’ll have to post your trivets & coasters when we’re done with them – i really love how you were able to make “sets” of tiles that matched when the alcohol inks were so unpredictable.

20 06 2010

and yes, i agree with seth: there should be a monster at the bottom of every bowl!

20 06 2010

Anna, these are awesome! Those ants! I’ve never done ceramic painting before and I want to do some with the kids. They will have a blast with the tiles! Could kids do it, do you think – or will they breathe fumes and pass out?

1 07 2010

Heck yes, every bowl should have a monster in it!! This party looked like so much fun, and since the medium was unpredictable it seemed very spontaneous. you made some cool projects!

8 07 2010

What a cool idea, both the crafting and the pARTy! I’m a first time visitor and a fellow Minnesota Mama and I’m having fun looking around your blog. I love the ants too! I have my own little monster who would love a bowl like your son’s!

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