Photo Puzzles!

11 07 2010

I loved this idea from Impress Your Kids so much that as soon as I saw it on The Crafty Crow, I just knew we had to make it. Eleanor didn’t really have a gift to give her papa on Father’s Day. Seth, on the other hand, not only had a gift he had made at school but also knew a perfect gift to buy. Therefore, a craft for Eleanor was in order. A quick one that didn’t require shopping or a lot of set up. For that matter, it couldn’t require very much of anything on my part since I’ve been stretched so thin lately. This fit the bill perfectly.

Seth couldn’t resist joining in. As a matter of fact, he enjoyed the project so much he’s made more.

Even though all Eleanor did was line up craft sticks and slather glue on the back of a picture she was still quite proud to give her papa a puzzle with a picture of herself on it. In fact she must have re-wrapped and given it to him at least 3 times that day. Then she gave it to me a few times and the following day she “gave” the gift yet again to her day care provider. After all, wrapping and giving are awfully fun, you know.



8 responses

11 07 2010

What a cool gift!

11 07 2010

they are really awesome! i love the color coordination used when painting the craft sticks!

11 07 2010
ellen kelley

I absolutely love the gift, but what I overwhelmingly love is the joy JOY JOY of the giver. Oh, my. This fills my heart with joy and I thank you.
Who gives more with happiness and abandon (and trust) than our children?

12 07 2010

the photos are terrific and i love the idea! eleanor’s enthusiasm is as adorable as her pig tails and all those toys in the tub!

13 07 2010
Mom and Kiddo

I’ve seen popsicle stick puzzles before, but never with photos. The photos make it a much cooler idea. And so easy.

13 07 2010

I love this and would love to receive one, if ever you had extra (ha) time to do one.

I’ve also did this put we glued the sticks together put a magnet on the back and we had another refrigerator magnet.

The kids are beautiful.

14 07 2010

I’ve done this project before with kids, except I had them color or draw a picture onto the sticks and we numbered the sticks. A great project to do to learn order and math skills! I loved how you used photos, though! It is a nice way for them to cherish them enough to want to give them away hundreds of times!

14 07 2010

This was a great idea for a quick project. They look fantastic (both the kids and the photo puzzles). I know they will always remember making this with you and giving, giving, giving them.

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