23 07 2010

Happy Birthday to my growing boy! I can hardly believe it’s been 6 years already.

I can’t imagine life without him.




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23 07 2010
Mom and Kiddo

It is so hot and sticky here right now, I wish I was doing that.
Hope year 6 is great.

23 07 2010

And he’s such a nice kid too.
–we can talk dowry later :)

23 07 2010
ellen kelley

What a wonderful picture. Small boys do grow up to be wonderful men. Aren’t we all so lucky, fortunate and blessed to have boys?
I have two who are grown and with children of their own. They still love to annoy and tease their mama. It is a blessing that I don’t take lightly…and guess what? I did get a little baby girl from one of them. …the first, ever in this family. She is a delight and a wonder….Life gives us such blessings when we are given children. Best to you , ellen.
and a p .s. some of my most treasured moments in my life revolve around my boys when they were young…such stories, hysterical moments….such things that they did. Whew!!

24 07 2010

Wish I was there… instead of watching 3 insane dogs, I’ve learned a lot about pups this week, makes me really appreciate my Hamster! But enough about me! Give a big strong squeeze and a whistling kiss to my most precious nephew! Love to all…. Auntie Ellie

26 07 2010
rachel awes

it was great to meet you too!!
& your blog’s heartwarming (& sneaky & buggy too). :)

26 07 2010

i can’t believe he’s already 6! i remember when you were pregnant with him. time really flies…

27 07 2010

six comments, plus one for good luck – mine. happy birthday a few days late!

4 08 2010

happy belated to the beautiful Seth…six is such a magical age…kindergarten, teeth (will maybe) begin popping out and the “baby” part really starts to disappear…i love this photo and even see a wee rainbow.

happy birthday to the mama too…you’ve done a GREAT job! xxx

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