Acid Wash

29 07 2010

Went to a fabulous pARTy at Jen’s last weekend. I have lots to show you. So much so, that I’m breaking it into chunks. First up, acid wash. It was really neat to see what colors the tees turned after application of the bleach spray. I made this one for me. If I did it again, I would twist up the shirt and then spray it down. I think that would make for some cool striations. The brown was definitely unexpected.

I also made up a cosmic tee for Seth. I tried really hard for a milky way type feel. It was odd, but the sprinkles worked way better than blasts of spray. I had pre-washed both shirts, but his resisted the bleach much more so than the black shirt above.

Don’t pay too much attention to the rocket yet. I’m under strict instructions from the little man to add wings. It was made with a bleach pen and hopefully I can duplicate timing of saturation. Fingers crossed!



7 responses

29 07 2010

You know I love rockets! We played pin the flame on the rocket at Henry’s birthday this year.

29 07 2010

i love the shirt with the rocket and the idea of using the bleach pen is brilliant! you guys have so much fun!

29 07 2010
painted fish studio

i especially love that seth’s rocket t looks like a universe full of stars and galaxies and nebulas!

29 07 2010
ellen kelley

I agree with all of the above. He is going to love it, I know.
This sounds like so much fun…quite the opposite I tried once on a pair of pants that somehow got bleach spots on the butt end. What’s up with that, for heaven’s sake? I tried using a permanent marker to cover them up…it worked a little bit, but just a smidgen.

30 07 2010
Mom and Kiddo

I need to have friends that throw pARTys. Because, let’s face it, I’m not going to do it.

30 07 2010
rachel awes

ohhhh, i didn’t get to see this tee completed, so i’m out of this world happy to see it here! i looove how it turned out! i’m w/jen in seeing the galaxies & such…awesome!

31 07 2010

Love how the rocket glows!

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