Tie Dye

30 07 2010

I tend to think of tie dye as rainbow colored and crazy. Not really my style. However, placed in front of a pile of fabric, some buckets of dye and a bag of rubber bands; I just couldn’t resist giving it a go. It was a good reminder that a technique famous for a specific style and era doesn’t necessarily need to stay in that style or era.

I started with this scarf. After randomly applying rubber bands I plunked it in a vat of green dye. Then, without rinsing, I dipped it in the left over wine dye that was about to be tossed. Honestly I was going for brown. I love brown.  But I’m really happy with the results. See the fabric to the left of the scarf? It’s a linen skirt I’ve owned for years. I just can’t get over how well the scarf goes the existing skirt.

Also, I have to decide wether or not to cut the scarf into a long strip instead of a long tube/circle. I kind of like it like this, but I think if I cut it you might be able to see the design better. I stood over it with a nice sharp pair of scissors for about 10 minutes until I decided to decide later. No kidding.

I also made this kitchen towel. It’s my favorite towel of the night. The colors faded somewhat in the wash, but I still like it. First I dyed it in a bucket of grey. The grey was quite popular and had lost most of it’s potency by the time I was playing with it, but there was still a bit left. I rinsed it out and then dipped just certain bits in the blue.

Of course, now that I’ve gotten a taste, I want to do more. Especially after seeing Jen’s wonderfully photographed post on what she made Saturday. Go check it out!




2 responses

30 07 2010
painted fish studio

we’re going to ensure that tie dying never goes out of style!

30 07 2010

i think the scarf looks terrific and so does the towel. enjoy your weekend!

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