Dip Dyeing

5 08 2010

Here’s some more dip dying experiments from Jen’s last pARTy. The above scarf was made by my mother. I LOVE how it turned out with the dye bleeding in at certain points. We were afraid to wash it, hence the still vibrant colors. Since it’s a scarf, that should be fine unless she gets caught out in the rain while wearing it. Many of the other items we dyed that night did fade a bit in the wash, such as these kitchen towels:

The one on the far left was done by my mother. The other 3 are mine. Mine were done on unbleached flour sacks as opposed to hers. The colors would have been more crisp had I used the nice white towels and saved the unbleached ones for the printed leaf people I had originally bought them for.

Here’s a couple tops I made the kids. Jen from paper & clouds had found some super sweet deals on a few girls tanks and let me play with a couple for Eleanor. (Side note – check out Jen’s swap, sign up ends in just a few days!) I love how this pink one turned out. The polo I made Seth on the other hand…. Well the idea I still think was a good one, but there were some execution issues. For starters the dye fading and the fact that there was very little day light left at this point. But another big issue was that this was one of the last items I dyed that night. Therefore, I didn’t give it adequate drying time before throwing it in a bag to take home. Like a couple of the other projects, there was some dye transfer on it – as well as on other projects. Mind you the orange spots were from his dinner, not dye.  He’s not a tidy eater like his sister.

The last dip dyed items I want to show you are these two scarves. I found the fabric through a post by Christina over at Icewerks. It’s really fantastic fabric and I’d love to get my hands on some more for other projects. The scarf on the left was done by my mother – grey dye using rubber bands to get the vein like lines. The one on the right was done by me – altering narrow and thick grey lines. What I find so interesting is that neither of us knew the other had done such a similar scarf until the following day.  Unfortunately, the grey dye was very popular, hence the light tones. But I rather like the subtleness.

So – successes, failures and a lot learned. It was worth it.




2 responses

5 08 2010
painted fish studio

hmmmm… i wonder if i should pay better attention to the dye instructions? like make sure the ratio of water to dye is what they say it should be? my items did fade a bit, but not terribly so. more research is needed on color fastness. love your stuff, though! and loved the scarves – thanks for finding the great fabric!

6 08 2010

everything looks so great! the whole family is totally decked out in tie dye and i’ve seen it in two magazines, recently. this might sound like a weird idea, but what if you used turkey basters to draw with or splatter the die? might be neat. enjoy your weekend!

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