6 08 2010

Have you ever gone geocaching? Last weekend while camping at Lake Carlos State Park our little family gave it a try. Now we’re hooked.

Seriously hooked. Several Minnesota state parks such as Lake Carlos have GPS units you can check out for free. In addition to the  hundreds of thousands of geocaches hidden out there by individuals, the state parks have their own geocaches and other hunts you can participate in.

In this case the naturalist at Lake Carlos had set up a bird hunt geared at kids. Perfect for us newbies. It was a short walk to a pond where Seth would tell us which direction to go by watching the digital compass and count down how many feet remaining. When we were within a couple feet the kids would get down and seach for these sweet wooden birds. Four in total.

That of course, was Eleanor’s favorite part since she really didn’t get the GPS thing at all. Once we found what we were looking for, we reported back to the ranger station. There the kids got to pick out cute little handmade button pins as a reward. Eleanor chose a purple butterfly because it sparkled and matched her hat. Seth chose one with a bird to remind him of the experience. He was so proud he took it to school this week to tell his friends at circle time.




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6 08 2010

Hey that’s cool! We’re not so high tech out here in the East — we’ve got a published book of treasure hunts in the Upper Valley (I think the town clerks have their town’s clues to hand out)– but no loaner GPS units. We’re supposed to bring a stamp with us to mark the treasure book and a piece of paper to get the treasure stamp. We haven’t done it with K yet, but we should. I can see why this would be right up Seth’s science alley and I love it that the state parks are involved.

6 08 2010

My first time geocaching, about 6 or 7 years ago, our group went tromping right through a swamp, we were so concerned about following the line directly! That was a dirty day :) Geocaching is quite fun, it gets you out and about. I’m glad y’all did that, Seth looks like such the outdoorsman, yipee!

6 08 2010
ellen kelley

This looks like so much fun and the State Park is beautiful. I wish that this had been available years and years ago when our two were young. I love the joyful expressions on the faces of your children.
I am off to “geocash” some homegrown eggs. Have a wonderful weekend, Ellen.

7 08 2010
Mom and Kiddo

I’ve never heard of geocaching. Once we went to a park rangers event about reading compasses to find your way around the park. I had high hopes, but it was mostly about the kids racing to the prizes when they realized they could figure out where the plastic prizes were. Yours sounds much nicer. And some lovely photos, to boot.

7 08 2010
painted fish studio

looks like fun, sorta! i had to do orienteering as a junior in high school and got lost in jay cooke state park. my compass reading skills weren’t the greatest then… maybe a gps device would help me stay on track?

8 08 2010

I got Brad a GPS last summer for his birthday. We’ve been geocaching all over (MN, WI, MO, IL, TN, NC). Now we look up caches before a trip and plan stops for a little geocaching.

24 08 2010

I’ve always wanted to do this with the kids, but never got around to doing it! What fun! And what kid doesn’t love a treasure hunt. Looks like you all have had a fun summer with birthdays, watermelon popcicles and geocaching!

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