1st Lost Tooth

8 08 2010

Seth lost his 1st tooth this last week! We were participating in National Night Out and having a wonderful potluck block party. The kids love the novelty of playing in the street and I love reconnecting with neighbors. One of those neighbors hired the ice cream man to stop by for a while. He’s done so the last three years and it’s always a hit. How could it not be?

Seth had devoured half a snow cone and a very colorful bomb pop when we noticed the hole in his smile. He had no idea his tooth was gone. Believe it or not, this picture was taken AFTER he had been wiped down.  I’m serious. A shower proved to remove the blue from his face, hands and arms. Yes arms. However, his lips and tongue were STILL blue the next morning. A fact Seth is very proud of.

My guess is the hard snow cone was the culprit. What happened to the tooth is anyone’s guess. Fortunately Seth was not upset about the missing tooth.  Possibly this is because we have a book about a puppy who looses a tooth and swallows it or maybe because of the stories he’s heard from his classmates. I do know he was relieved that here was no blood or pain. Makes me wonder what he was expecting.

A few days later, he wrote this note to the tooth fairy:

Love that extra panache on the y in Fairy and the placement of commas. He did ask for help with spelling, but I was very proud of his effort. I’m excited for him but a little sad too. My boy’s growing up. My consolation though, is that his grin is so darn cute with that hole in it.



3 responses

8 08 2010

Straight and unvarnished truth — he did lose it. No fudging with the tooth fairy.
Gosh, baby teeth, I don’t want to think about that. It seemed like just yesterday we were counting them as they came in.

9 08 2010
Mom and Kiddo

I particularly love the way the blue dye hung around as make sure no one could miss the new toothless smile.

24 08 2010

love the whole story and the hand written note. “makes me wonder what he was expecting.” blood, gore, pain of the most worst and dramatic kind, emergency rooms and stitches and more buckets of blood…whew. my dad always did make it painful and dramatic. i don’t think he could stand the way the teeth would dangle there all snaggle tooth-like, so he would reach in there with a wash cloth and YANK!!! i’m still trying to recover from the trauma!

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