Drunken Tiles

12 08 2010

Look what I got back recently!

These are tiles I painted at Jen’s a couple months ago. They were sitting at her place waiting for me to come put a protective coating on them. These multicolored wonders are about 6″ square and possibly destined to be a grouped wall hanging. If I can figure out how to hang them that is. (sawtooth picture hangers and super glue?)

This next one is actually my favorite. It was before I realized that I should wipe down the tile so that the inks spread evenly. So what I initially put down was a total failure with the inks spreading in illogical ways and totally refusing to adhere to certain spots. Instead of washing the tile off and starting over, I spread the inks out with a foam brush and dropped a thinning liquid on to it. Maybe it’s a trivet? I haven’t decided for sure.

And finally a set of four 4″ coasters.

It was neat to see how different the inks acted when I occasionally let it dry between drips.

This project was totally inspired by Aimee over at artsyville. I’ve gotta say they weren’t as easy as I thought they’d be. And yet at the same time they were.  You do not have complete control over how the paint will spread or mix, which is both irritating and thrilling to me. I’d like to try again now that I’ve had a taste. But first I want to live with this initial first try and see how the finish holds up. If it does hold up, I think it would be fantastic to find a good color combination and decorate some tiles for my someday 2nd bathroom. You know. The one I dream about, along with a 3rd bedroom.




6 responses

12 08 2010

they’re so fabulous! for hanging: one thing to consider is 3m’s command velcro strips. yes, i know, after having them fail consistently, on my walls, i shouldn’t recommend them. but i think i have bad walls.

13 08 2010
Mom and Kiddo

I love them! A 2nd bathroom? Dare to dream.

13 08 2010

they are wonderful … i really love the first set. enjoy your weekend!

5 10 2010

wow those look so neat. i love the colors!

30 01 2014

I came across your blog from another blog. Curious how you made these tiles? I could not find the instructions on the blog that you referenced. Thanks!

30 01 2014
Three Sneaky Bugs

These tiles were so much fun to make! Links have changed due to time passing. However, you can go to http://www.artsyville.com/learn/crafting/learning-alcohol for a great little tutorial. No one can tell you better how to do it than Amy.

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