New Dress!

9 09 2010

A few months ago I made a comment on how my daughter has tons of clothes but only a few dresses and how, of course, she’ll only wear dresses. Well my fantastic friend, Jenn of Paper & Clouds, decided to help the cause and whipped up this fantastic little dress for Eleanor. Here’s her post about it because you really need to know that she made it from t-shirts and was all sneaky and painted the orange slice on there while I was in another room!

She gave it to me a week before we went down to Florida (which is one of the reasons I’ve been absent from this place for so long).  I figured what better place for Eleanor to wear this beauty for the 1st time than on a Florida beach. Don’t you agree? Luckily, there’s plenty of room that she’ll be able to wear it next year too!

Eleanor thinks it’s a pretty swell dress too. Here she is trying to protect it from the waves. Silly girl.



3 responses

9 09 2010

Such a beautiful girl… I’m so glad it fits.

9 09 2010

i can’t even tell you how much i LOVE that photo. she is so adorable and i love the dress and the visor and the sunglasses and the flip flops and the bucket and her little tush and the beach!

9 09 2010

it’s such a great little dress!

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