Sandcastle Flags

10 09 2010

While in Florida, Seth requested a craft. We had minimal supplies on hand and after ascertaining that simply coloring was not going to cut it, I pulled up The Crafty Crow. Fortunately for me, the post that day just happened to be ocean themed. What are the odds? One project immediately stood out to Seth – sandcastle flags. The ones shown on The Crafty Crow are actually free printables from Joey’s Dream Garden. And while they’re cute, we didn’t have access to a printer. None the less, they were inspiring and Seth set to work with construction paper, colored pencils and straws. All items we were lucky enough to find in the beach house.

I’ll admit there was a bit of a meltdown when the wind kept blowing one of his flags a direction Seth did not, under ANY circumstances, want it to blow. Hence the reeds holding the one flag in place.

Phew! Crisis averted.



2 responses

10 09 2010
Mom and Kiddo

And much cuter than any pre-decorated printable, even if it did insist on blowing in the wrong direction!

10 09 2010

great job improvising!

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