New Old Shirt

13 09 2010

It’s feeling more and more like fall around here which of course, means warmer clothes. Today I pulled a skirt out of the closet that’s old but I still love. I also grabbed an old long sleeve, maroon, ribbed t-shirt that matches color wise. The shirts a good 10+ years old and once I had it on I immediately felt frumpy. Ugh. Not what I was going for.

The frumpy “before” shot.

Fortunately, I had just been perusing the Alabama Stitch Book and a light bulb went off! The first project in the book is a simple shirt modification project involving a single cut down the center of a long sleeve t-shirt, some stenciling and a well placed pin. I’ll admit it took me way more time to convince myself to cut my good quality, though out of date, Woolrich shirt than it did to actually make the cut. But once I did, I was immediately pleased. I skipped the stenciling due to the ribbed nature of the fabric. Finally, I dug out a pin I had purchased in Wales 15 or so years ago and walla! A fantastic new top that isn’t frumpy in the least!




5 responses

13 09 2010

You are too cute!
Are you up for a walk on Wednesday morning?

13 09 2010

sweet! definitely an improvement!

14 09 2010
Sarah S.


14 09 2010

what a transformation anna!! looks great and i’ll bet that pin will be thrilled to get out of the box for a while

did you happen to catch whip ups post today with all the links to refashioned clothing…yeah! i’m all about giving that 10 year old wardrobe a second chance!

5 10 2010

that shirt turned out so cute! nice job anna!

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