KCWC Success!

22 09 2010

Meg over at Elsie Marley is hosting Kids Clothes Week Challenge. I try to avoid signing up for things because more often than not I let myself down. However, sometimes I just need a kick in the pants to get going. So with nothing to loose I signed up. I didn’t make any announcements that I signed up for fear of failure. But I needn’t have worried so much. Here’s how it’s gone so far:

Day 1: Found the bottom of my sewing table! Spent some quality time cleaning the table off and organizing stash and supplies. Though technically not sewing, I couldn’t actually do any sewing without this step.

Day 2: Although fully intending to start on the Oliver + S syllabus, I couldn’t find the right fabric and ribbon in my basement to satisfy both my daughter and myself. I came close to bailing and then was inspired by this shot of my kids. In this picture Eleanor is wearing one of her favorite dresses. In fact, not only has it been through a few girls before her, but she wears it so often that it’s basically starting to disintegrate. Add that to the fact that Eleanor is obsessed with wearing dresses and yet has drawers full of tops and pants and I had an eureka moment. I could actually make a similar dress with the top of one of her unused long sleeve t-shirts and the bottom of an adult t-shirt! Not a new concept I’m sure, but a good one none the less. So I set to work pairing shirts, cutting and reminding myself how to make gathers.

Day 3: One completed dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only remaining questions are – Will she like it? Will she wear it? Will it fit her? I can’t wait until she gets home to find out. If it’s a success, how much do you want to bet I start another one tomorrow? (I already have the shirts picked out.)




5 responses

22 09 2010

So Cute!!

22 09 2010
molly:: applecyder

i hope it fits!

22 09 2010

Bravo! Now, that’s thinking smart — take what your kid likes and make more. Tackling knits, going forward without a pattern or written directions — yeah, you can do this.

23 09 2010

this is great! So glad you’re sewing again. Can’t wait to hear how she liked it…

25 09 2010

Huh! Not bad, kiddo! You made your mama proud. I like the idea of reuse. It should be a sure thing, since you had her top and just added to it. Now I can see doing some of that bleach pen technique or acid wash you’ve done on this too. Bravo…

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