Halloween Dress

26 10 2010

As Eleanor refuses to wear anything other than a dress and I had some cute halloween tees I bought several years back on super duper after Halloween clearance, something had to be done. So I cut off the bottom edge of her t-shirt and added the bottom section of a large adult black t-shirt to get the length I wanted. This gave the dress more of a dropped waisted vs the empire cut of the last t-shirt dress I made her.

I also wanted to add a little more fun to it. After all, it is a halloween dress. So, I made the little purple ruffle out of scraps left over from this dress. This shot is before it was washed. It ruffled up even more once washed and the ends started to curl.

After it was finished I still had some purple scraps left over, including a sleeve. A few snips later and I had a nice little kerchief to compliment the dress. The sleeve is from a medium shirt, but I think I’ll try out a large for a little more drape in the back next time.

I might just go make another halloween dress right now for her to wear to school tomorrow. Besides, I need a break from costume sewing.



7 responses

26 10 2010
Mom and Kiddo

Love the ruffles! And the way you taped the dress to the wall! This is also the way I store my clothes.

26 10 2010

LOVElove. Great job.
I see she may insist on putting on her own shoes, as Lilah does… ;)

26 10 2010
painted fish studio

eeeeeee! so cute!

26 10 2010

Love it! She looks really happy, I bet she loves it too!

26 10 2010

yay for repurposing old clothes…she is just cute-as-a-button in her new dress. way to go anna!

26 10 2010

Oh Anna, it is so cute. And your little Eleanor – that smile ;)

I hear you about needing a break from costume sewing. Oh, I hear you. Today, just to rebel, I refused to sew. I got out my glue gun and cut up cardboard. Cathartic.

Have a lovely Halloween! I hope this RAIN and STORM and WIND go away soon.

28 10 2010

Clearly, she loves this dress! Very creative Anna!

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