A Very Pink Princess

2 11 2010

Despite the utter pinkness of it all, this costume was a pleasure to create. With the exception of the cape, there were no pattern pieces or directions to follow. I was just winging it, one of my favorite ways to sew. I’m not experienced enough to “wing” necklines or arm holes so I started with a slightly stained, hand-me-down, long sleeve t-shirt. Simply adding the bottom of an adult t-shirt wasn’t going to cut it this time, so off the fabric store I went. When I got there, I remembered quite distinctly why you should never shop at a fabric store the weekend before halloween. Or work there for that matter as that’s what memories were springing to mind. A memory from almost 20 years ago, working at a chain fabric store in Iowa and cutting endless yards of craft felt and fake fur. Ugh.

But I digress, regardless of the shopping experience I was able to find what I needed – a shiny bright pink knit and a sparkly light pink organza. I decided on floor length with a train and truly made this up as I went along. One of my favorite parts was figuring out how to do the curly bottom edge. I couldn’t find a tutorial online but went for it anyway. I can for certain say that I had it figured out by the time I got around all 60 inches of hemline.

Between the train and adding the little bows all over the front I was quite pleased with the outcome.

The veil was made with the left over organza, some elastic and a few of the little bows. I made it so that it could be slid on to any of her thin headbands. Personally, I think I made it too big, but she loves it and has worn it daily with all manner of attire since I handed it over.

The weather in Minnesota can be quite unpredictable and is usually on the chilly side. So despite Eleanor’s objections and initial dislike, I whipped up a fleece cape to complete the ensemble. It was a spur of the moment idea at the store while waiting (forever) in line at the cutting counter. While based off the McCall’s M4703 pattern, I removed all detailing such as finished edges, time consuming lining or pricey trims. Honestly I didn’t even read the directions. I simply cut out the pattern pieces and started sewing.

I added a little decorative stitching around the arm holes to give them strength and finished off with a vintage button from the family button jar.

After all was said and done, I spent less that $17 on the whole shebang and I have no doubt that it will see quite a bit of use over the next year or two. Heck, the veil alone has seen that much use in the last week.




5 responses

2 11 2010

nice work, anna! these both look amazing! and they are so freaking adorable in their little homemade (but totally professional looking) costumes!

2 11 2010
molly:: applecyder

she looks so happy in all that pink! love it.

and the last photo is classic. priceless.

and a side note: i think the oliver + s blog recently did a post on lettuce hem. go you for figuring it out yourself!

2 11 2010
painted fish studio

very cute! and in very good taste – it isn’t too over-the-top and not a pink explosion! this non-girly-girl approves.

3 11 2010

OMG so she loves this dress!! What a sweetie!

10 11 2010
UK lass in US

The cape is my favourite part. How adorable!

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