23 01 2011

Lucky us! We got a new batch of Sunday Socks from grandma!

Yes, those are matching mother daughter socks – same yarn, different pattern. Eleanor likes to wear hers peeking out of her cowboy boots.

We are seriously lucky in the handknit sock category. Our goodies from last year, poorly photographed:

The year before that can be found here. I guess we should stop calling them Sunday Socks since we have enough now to wear on other days of the week. But that’s just how special they are.




5 responses

23 01 2011

i am seriously jealous! keep them out of sight when i’m at your house!

23 01 2011
Storied Cities (Erica)

As I sit here in some fuzzy polyester socks that someone gave me for Christmas I can only gaze at your photos with an envy I have never known before.

23 01 2011

i’ve never enjoyed such a luxury, but am tempted…oh so tempted

24 01 2011

Yes, true luxury (especially when you don’t have to knit your own!).

17 02 2011
UK lass in US

oooh, lucky. I have sworn never to make socks (too many stitches of tiny yarn for a slow knitter like me), but the idea of having some handmade socks made by someone else… aahh.

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