Valentine Garland

11 02 2011

Although I really wanted to make Jackie’s Valentine Bunting, I just didn’t have the type of string in my stash that I was envisioning in my head. When that happens, I’m just never satisfied with any other options.

Since I still wanted a garland to hang up and the kids were asking for a valentine’s day craft project I went a different route.

Turning toilet paper tube rolls into hearts is certainly not new, but it did fit my demands of the day. In fact, it turned out better than expected. The kids got to paint pink hearts, Eleanor got to do a bit of lacing with sparkly yarn and not a single person that has walked into my house could tell that we used toilet paper tubes until I told them.

Love these action shots of Eleanor concentrating so hard on her lacing. I think the close up makes it look like the needle was magically sewing by itself but it was jut a fluke that I caught it mid-air after she dropped the needle.

And while we were waiting for the paint to dry we made super yummy banana chocolate chip muffins. Seth thoroughly enjoyed mashing the bananas. We only made a half batch though and they were gone FAST. I plan on making another full batch for Monday morning.




3 responses

11 02 2011

Oh my, E’s looking so grown up these days! Fun project.
Banana chocolate chip muffins… mmm. We live on them here — a batch a week for preschool and lunches. K’s all about the banana smooshing too.

17 02 2011
UK lass in US

You’re making me feel bad. My husband might be Scrooge at Christmas time, but I’m not much better when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I’ve been secretly looking forward to the day when my kids don’t want to give cards out to their entire class… Then I go online and see all these great projects that other mums made…

18 02 2011

Awesome!! I love Eleanor’s concentrating face too! Good grief she does look so grown up, but she’s still got little girl sweet cheeks!

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