Valentine Shells

16 02 2011

When I realized I didn’t have enough rocks for both preschool classes I did some quick brainstorming. It didn’t take long as every day I walk by a couple bags of seashells that have been sitting on our back porch since last summer’s vacation.

So I brought the bags in and let them thaw out in the bathtub as they were completely encrusted with ice and snow. I washed a few handfuls up and then started affixing hearts. Still totally inspired by red bird crafts, but a nice twist.

I may not have had enough of either the rocks or the shells for the preschool classes but I did have more than enough combined. So I let the kids each choose ones for their teachers as a special valentine. Seth chose the rocks, Eleanor the shells. They were both well received.



One response

18 02 2011

i loved them both equally and for such different reasons…thanks again so much for bringing gifts to the kiddos

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