Valentine Pencils

21 02 2011

Thought I’d get through all the valentine posts last week but I ran out of juice. I realize you are all probably over Valentines Day and wanting to move on, but I’m going to bore you with 2 more posts and then swear to do my projects earlier next year (you know, like I do every year).

These are the valentines Seth gave out to his classmates this year. Totally inspired by Erin over at House on Hill Road who in turn was inspired by Alissa at 24*7*365.

And although I think the suckers they used were totally cute and I believe candy and valentines day go hand in hand, I know I can count on other parents to supply plenty of treats. Therefore, we opted for pencils.

These photographs do not do them justice. But they were hard to photograph with the limited sun we’ve had around here. We printed the pics on card stock to keep the cost down and simply wrote on each one with a sharpie. Seth was a trooper and signed them all himself on the backside the day before the big day. In fact all of these projects were finished on the very last possible day.  Such is the way we roll.




5 responses

21 02 2011
Mom and Kiddo

Very cute. And I like that it’s pencils. I secretly threw out Kiddo’s candy, and he didn’t even notice!

21 02 2011
painted fish studio

these are fabulous! love them, and the different poses are perfect!

23 02 2011

this is the greatest idea and who could ever get sick of love stuff! i agree with the jen, the poses are perfect!

1 03 2011

These were really amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. Very original, and he looks good too!

1 04 2011
Mom and Kiddo

You won!

That’s what happens when you are only 1 of 17 entries instead of 1 in a gazillion, like the lottery. Besides, much better than winning a paltry 5.6 million.

Well, maybe.

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