She Wore It!!

28 02 2011

And despite the face, she likes her new “raspberry dress”. In case you haven’t heard me complain, I finished this dress over 2 months ago and this silly little girl refused to wear it. Refused! I was especially irked because it took me MONTHS to knit this little thing. Not because it was hard, in fact it’s a super easy pattern. I ran into a little problem until I found the errata and the straps were a bit of a bore to make but mostly my problem lay in that I had hit a knitting slump. I simply wasn’t in the mood. But once I found my mojo, all was good.

Good that is, until I gave it to her. I mean her utter refusal to even try it on had me baffled. That had never happened before.

Lesson learned. She’s old enough now that I have to include her in pattern and yarn choices or risk the consequences. Luckily, this dress is flexible enough in style and has plenty of room for her to grow, therefore plenty of time for her to choose to wear it.

  • Pattern: Paz by Cirilia Rose – no complaints other than I think it should have been written in the round. Also, please note the pattern correction should you want to knit this little jumper.
  • Yarn: Berroco Remix – made from 100% recycled fibers. I found it nice and squishy to work with.
  • Alternations/sizing: went with a size 2 width, but size 4 length – why are knitting patterns for children always so wide? It’s too big for her petite size 3, but that just means a longer life.
  • My ravelry: here

Incidentally, these pouty pictures were taken at the end of a long day at the Walker Art Center. She was ready to go home. But earlier in the day, she was all smiles. Thought I’d post some proof. We just didn’t capture a good pic of the dress when she was smiling.



7 responses

28 02 2011
painted fish studio

it’s awesome! i’d wear it, and i would also pair it with cowboy boots – good choice, e!

28 02 2011

Completely adorable. :)

28 02 2011
Mom and Kiddo

I am seriously dying with the cuteness of these photos. How can I return to my hum-drum day after seeing this adorable dress paired with cowboy boots and finger sucking? I just can’t.

5 03 2011

omg…seriously anna, those are some great pics! i can’t really see the knitting since i can barely get past e’s adorable expressions. and that is some awesome hair doing.

i just went back up…love it!! you did great and so did she to honor you by wearing it.

(I’m really going to miss you!!)

6 03 2011

she’s adorable! and i loooooooove the raspberry color. pinkalicious!

9 12 2014

hello, i am from germany and found (sorry for my miserable english) this beautiful dress paz. Can you help me, I cannot find the pattern … after seeking a lot of hours
greetings, Ana

10 12 2014
Three Sneaky Bugs

You’re right. It does appear that it’s not for sale online. I would suggest contacting Berroco and asking if it’s possible to order booklet #303. It’s been several years, but if I remember correctly I had to call them to order the booklet to begin with.

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