April Fool’s Yellow

5 04 2011

Seth had been looking forward to April Fool’s Day for some time, dreaming of the day he cold play a prank on someone. Preferably this joke would be played on his father. So we quietly planned how best to get his papa.

A friend of mine had got me a subscription to Family Fun magazine, saying it made her think of me. And although it’s disney, I know what she means. It’s a fun magazine full of projects that are easily executable. When this mag comes I usually have to patiently wait for Seth to go through it and then I get my turn. When I saw this “sponge cake” prank in the last issue I knew it would be perfect.

Here I give you my yellow for Poppytalk’s Spring Colour Week:

Yep, that’s really a sponge under that chocolate icing! We made a real cake too. It would have been suspicious had we just given him a piece of cake only. We hid a real piece of cake for him and handed out the other plates – real cake for me and the kids, sponge cake for Papa. As Steve tried his best to cut a bite off with his fork you could see the wheels turning – what’s going on? they really messed up the cake, I wonder if this is one of Seth’s own recipes (those usually taste like play dough btw). All the while he was trying to be polite and not let the kids know his concern. And although Eleanor almost gave away the surprise earlier in the day, they had held it together until that moment. They both fell on the floor laughing so hard that I couldn’t keep a straight face.

It was perfect!




5 responses

5 04 2011

oh, anna…that is just too funny…

5 04 2011
molly:: applecyder

totally doing this next year!!!!! sooooo funny.

5 04 2011

Oh, man!
(… and I would still want to eat all that lovely chocolate frosting… )

5 04 2011
painted fish studio

ha! lol!

5 04 2011

how fun! i love this joke!

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