One Last Spring Colours Day – White

8 04 2011

Here we are. The last day of Poppytalk’s Spring Colour Week. Although I failed to find some Lavender for Thursday, white was a different story.

Here in Minnesota spring does mean flowers. But it can just as easily mean ice or snow. These last couple shots were taken on the shores of Lake Superior less than 2 weeks ago.

In Minnesota, spring is incredibly unpredictable. However, since the sun is now shining and the snow is almost completely melted from my yard I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that we’re done with the white fluffy stuff until November.

Thank you Kristin for encouraging me to participate! And thanks to Jan and Earl at Poppytalk for being wonderful hosts. It gave me a giant smile to be included in one of the daily summaries. Check out the flickr pool to see more springy goodness!




One response

11 04 2011

gorgeous,gorgeous,gorgeous!! the ice on the rocks is quite spectacular. thanks for playing along with me…it was much more fun knowing you were in it too. xxx

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