10 06 2011

Decorations for the party were modest in comparison to my plans. In my mind I imagined paper butterflies of all colors, patterns and sizes covering the walls. Thank goodness I ran out of time because I think what we did pull off was just fine.

We made a balloon flower for each guest (the 4 invitees + siblings and the guest of honor = 7). The direction can once again be found on MSL and worked up rather quickly. The biggest challenge was finding 5 of the same color balloon and blowing them up to similar sizes. We didn’t bother with wrapping the nylon string suggested in the directions as they seemed quite stable as is and the string was super fiddly. I added a skinny dowel rod to each flower and placed them in vases of pussy willow branches around the house. As each guest departed we handed them a balloon flower much to their delight.


The chokecherry in our front yard was in full bloom but in desperate need of a trim so that guests, or rather their parents, wouldn’t need to hunch over to come up our front walk. So we ended up with piles of flowers, some of which we placed in little vases around the house and the remainder Steve used to line the front walk. We would have added sidewalk chalk decorations but it was raining on and off.

The piece de resistance, for me anyway, was this fabric garland. I had picked out the fabric weeks before but never found time to put it together. The day before the party I handed the pile to my mom and gave her the sweetest smile I could, asking her ever so nicely to cut out and sew together with some seam binding. I showed her pics of other garlands I like such as this one, and she made suggestions as to size and shape. Bless her heart she literally whipped this up the morning of the party.

I tried very hard to pick fabrics that not only went together and were suitable for Eleanor’s party this year but will also be flexible enough to be useful at many parties to come. Fingers crossed!




2 responses

10 06 2011

You’re clearly a party pro!
This looks like tons of fun.

10 06 2011

Oh man, the balloon flowers!

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