Painting Pots

13 06 2011

As soon as the garden party theme was settle on I knew I wanted the kids to paint pots. Probably because all I can think about in May is planting things. And what an easy project!

The table was set with brushes, bowls of water and a few plates of paint. Oh, and newspaper. Lots of newspaper. I had picked up 6 acrylic paints making sure to include pink and purple for the birthday girl but also some blue and green for the boy guests. We wrote each child’s name on the bottom of the pots with a terra cotta marker although I bet a sharpie would have worked just fine. We also set out a stack of old t-shirts to cover all the pretty party clothes.

The kids went in shifts. Unintentionally girls and then boys. As the boys weren’t very interested at first, but they came around on their own. Either they saw how much fun the girls were having or the legos lost their initial thrill.

We did the painting at the very beginning of the party and then set them out on the front porch where there was a very light breeze. 2 hours later they were dry enough to plant.  Well, all except 1 which had been thickly painted with every color by a very young 3 year old. Which leads me to recommend this project for kids that have progressed beyond mixing colors into a thick gloopy purplish brown. Either that or limit the color selection to just one color for those under 4 years of age. But that’s hard to do when you have mixed ages present.

A pot shard was placed in the bottom of each pot and the kids got to select and plant a flower of their choice. We tucked a plain but matching saucer into each of the thank you bags in case the pots found a home indoors. As you can see one of the kids choose to leave their pot unpainted but still wanted to plant a flower to bring home. They were all quite proud of their work.



2 responses

13 06 2011
jen : painted fish studio

great idea, and fun for grown-ups, too!

13 06 2011

eleanor’s looks like the bestest birthday party EVER!

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