Happy Easter!

9 04 2012

During a recent crafty getaway with Sarah, I doodled on some easter eggs. One a day in fact. They were like my creative break from being creative. Does that make sense? They were easy, had no plan, and no required outcome. If they turned out nice – hurray! If not, I wasn’t really out any time, frustration or money. But I’m happy with the final result and since we were traveling the week prior to Easter, they were our sole decorations for the holiday.

These were inspired by some I found on pinterest that Alisa Burke had done. Hers are crisp white and black with finer details. Something came over me while I was packing for our trip and I thought of those eggs. So I tossed a few previously blown out eggshells into the oven to bake off any potentially harmful bacteria, stuck them in a container with a sharpie and into my suitcase they went. The question is, who did I think they were going to harm? It’s not like I was filling them with chocolate. I wanted to boil them but I didn’t have time for them to dry before leaving town, so baking had to do. I now think this was probably an unnecessary step. Unfortunately, it browned the shell a bit. Fortunately, the antiquey sheen given to them by the baking grew on me. More so when I placed them in a gun metal glazed Eva Zeisel relish dish.




2 responses

9 04 2012

i was tempted to try alisa burke style eggs, but was pretty sure i would not have the patience. i never knew the trick of baking the egg shells, i guess mine are probably bacteria factories. ewww.

10 04 2012

very awesome. and i do get what you mean by needing a creative break from being creative!!

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