I’m a woman, mother & wife living in Minnesota. I have two beautiful children and a fabulous husband. Outside of family my favorites things are creating, eating and gardening. My full time job doesn’t include these items so I try to incorporate them into my personal life where ever I can. This blog is my attempt to organize those facets of my life, collaborate with you and get stuff done.

I write about a variety of stuff. Quite often there’s a family twist, as that’s my life right now. I try to post in the evening for your enjoyment the following weekday. If your interested in more on any topic let me know. I love, love, love comments. You can also email me at threesneakybugs {at} yahoo {dot} com.

Incidentally, “Three Sneaky Bugs” is a phrase from a fabulous children’s pop-up book by David A. Carter entitled “The Twelve Bugs of Christmas”. Visit his website to learn more about his lovely creations and how to make some of your own.


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