Henna Heart

6 02 2012

A little henna tattoo on the 4 year old. She loves it and is very sad that it’s starting to fade.


Melting Heart

3 02 2012


1 02 2012


30 06 2011

Yesterday I was watering my ridiculously small tomato plant, watching the rainbow effect from the hose, thinking about how I should have been organized enough to participate in Poppytalk’s Summer Colors Week. It was the rainbow that was making me think of it, for that’s today’s color.

Then, FINALLY, it dawned on me that I actually could go get my camera and do it! What can I say? Sometimes I’m slow.

PS – You’re probably tired of my garden birthday party posts, but I have just one more summary post with few miscellany items to tell you about. Mostly I need to get it out of my head for some self closure. Indulge me, will you?

One Last Spring Colours Day – White

8 04 2011

Here we are. The last day of Poppytalk’s Spring Colour Week. Although I failed to find some Lavender for Thursday, white was a different story.

Here in Minnesota spring does mean flowers. But it can just as easily mean ice or snow. These last couple shots were taken on the shores of Lake Superior less than 2 weeks ago.

In Minnesota, spring is incredibly unpredictable. However, since the sun is now shining and the snow is almost completely melted from my yard I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that we’re done with the white fluffy stuff until November.

Thank you Kristin for encouraging me to participate! And thanks to Jan and Earl at Poppytalk for being wonderful hosts. It gave me a giant smile to be included in one of the daily summaries. Check out the flickr pool to see more springy goodness!

Spring Green

4 04 2011

A dear, sweet friend called me on the phone stating she missed my presence online and asked me to participate in Poppytalk’s Spring Colour Week. Well, honestly how could I say no? I miss being online. I really do. It’s just that other things have been grabbing my attention. Some good (more crafting!), some bad (netflix streaming – it calls to me).

So this weekend I went looking for green. It was harder than I expected. Here in Minnesota we haven’t quite greened up yet. But we’re getting closer as evidenced by one of the kid’s favorite activities at the Walker Art Center – running down the hill. Next month they’ll be rolling instead of running. That’s even more fun!

And no spring green post would be complete with out some fresh new shoots. Good thing the sculpture garden helped me out as my own yard isn’t seeing any new shoots yet.

See you tomorrow for yellow!


17 12 2010

I love how the internet that can bring people together regardless of location. I enjoy meeting people through it and getting to know existing friends even better. I enjoy seeing collaborations of these friends and am constantly amazed by each and every one of them. Such is the case with this book I recently acquired.

I’ve enjoyed watching Painted Fish Studio’s Jen and Scissors Paper Glue’s Jen share their individual polaroid interpretations of various words for 2 years now. I love how sometimes their images are startlingly different and sometimes they are crazily similar.

There are still copies available here as well as on amazon. And don’t miss out on these super fun ornaments Jen made: