Henna Heart

6 02 2012

A little henna tattoo on the 4 year old. She loves it and is very sad that it’s starting to fade.


Melting Heart

3 02 2012


17 12 2010

I love how the internet that can bring people together regardless of location. I enjoy meeting people through it and getting to know existing friends even better. I enjoy seeing collaborations of these friends and am constantly amazed by each and every one of them. Such is the case with this book I recently acquired.

I’ve enjoyed watching Painted Fish Studio’s Jen and Scissors Paper Glue’s Jen share their individual polaroid interpretations of various words for 2 years now. I love how sometimes their images are startlingly different and sometimes they are crazily similar.

There are still copies available here as well as on amazon. And don’t miss out on these super fun ornaments Jen made:

Thank You

28 09 2009

A big thank you to everyone for their support of the walk-and-roll-a-thon. Be it monetary or words of encoragement, it all counted and it all helped.

Even though it started raining a third of the way in and he got soaked my dad made it through. And I’m very happy to say it was their biggest turn out ever. 

No, these photos have nothing to do with my words.

Girly Aprons

21 06 2009

Ever since Sew Fab Martha made me my first girly apron, I’ve been hooked. I wear it every day and finally decided to branch out. I picked this one up last month from Jessie at Thistle Patch Design while perusing Johnstock. I think it’s even girlier and I love it. Especially as it’s very flattering to my ample shape. For some reason aprons make a world of difference in my attitude when it comes to kitchen duties.

Subconcious Inspiration

17 03 2009

So I’m thinking chickens and trees are common images in Polish artwork. So what I’m about to say isn’t quite as coincidental as it may appear. I still found it interesting.

I completely don’t remember this piece shown above. Apparently it was up in my parents house while I was growing up. It hasn’t been up for a long while, which explains my lack of memory. I found a Polish book in parent’s house this last weekend and recognized the word wycinanki. Mentioning this to my mom who had not seen my last post, she pulls out this red papercut. Three guesses where I got the subconcious inspiration for my 1st paper cut?