Perfect Fall Purse

25 09 2008

Hopefully I’ll get creative this weekend. In the meantime check out this fabulous purse I stole, um, I mean borrowed from my mom. It was handmade down to the core by Carolyne for the Functional Felt Swap. She wet-felted the felt fabric to construct the purse and then did some nuno and embroidery on it. I absolutely love it. We’ll see how long it takes for me to give it back to my mom. Click here for a better picture when it was shiny new.


Looky Looky Looky!

7 06 2008

Look what I got! Yeah!!!! Beth over at Felting in Fibrespace sent me this absolutely fabulous little sewing kit for the Functional Felt Swap!!! Obviously, Beth did her homework and knew that I am trying to re-kick start my sewing habit. And what inspiration she’s given me. There’s an octopus pin cushion, a fish holder for a cloth tape measure and a needle case with a fish on one side and a crab button on the other. You can see WAY better pictures of the items on Beth’s post by clicking here. She included the tape measure and a couple needles and pins so it’s all ready to go. She even wrapped it all up very prettily with great attention to details – fancy star tape on the bubble wrap (which promptly decorated twigs in the yard, transforming them into magic wands) and a lovely box with a fish scene added to the inside lid! How fun is that?

I realize I’m using entirely too many exclamation points here but I really am that excited. She did a great job and I will really enjoy using them. My only worry is that I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to do battle with my son for the octopus pincushion.

I hope you all realize that Seth did the needles in the eye bit, not me.

Please take some time and check out Beth’s Fibrespace website. There you’ll find links to her etsy shops for both handmade items as well as felting supplies. I only wish I was even remotely near North Yorkshire so I could take one of her classes. That would be dreamy.

Thank you so much Beth!!! Now I’m all set to get started on my toadstool swap project!

Felted Bag

2 06 2008

Ta dah! Here it is. I finally finished my Functional Felt Swap item. It’s boxed up and ready to go. As you can see it’s a bag. I knitted it from a pattern in One Skein by Leigh Radford. Although most patterns in the book call for only one skein of yarn, this one called for one skein plus left over yarn in your stash. As my wool stash is practically non-existent I went out and bought some yummy Malabrigo worsted weight merino wool for it. Little did I realize I would need a total of three skeins. The pattern also calls for stripes for the top half but I decided on a more subtle mottled look. Besides, changing yarn every few rows tends to drive me wiggy. For the most part the pattern was easy to follow. The only exception was sewing the gussets. I really didn’t get the directions and needed to put a call in to my sis to figure it out. Thanks Ellie! The bag is a nice size for either a large purse or a small book bag. Would even make a lovely bag to tote around a knitting project. The top edge rolled during the felting process. I liked the effect so much I left it to dry that way and found that it gives a nice firm edge. I wish I had gotten a picture of the sides for you but I’m not willing to pull the tape off the box. They fold in so that the bag can expand by about 4 inches deep.

As I can never leave well enough alone and I had a bit of leftover yarn I decided to make a coordinating key chain. I really wanted to make a matching coin purse but I didn’t have THAT much left over. The key chain is a knitted i-cord and I attached the hardware prior to felting. On the inside of the bag I added a d-ring (pre-felting as well) for attaching the key chain. I like to add as much hardware prior to felting as possible because I believe it gives it more strength and a seamless appearance.

I love it so much I want to make a second one for myself. (Although Leigh’s Circle Tote is looking awfully tempting.) But first, I really must use up all this yarn I succumbed to at the last sale at my LYS. I tried to hide the 2nd bag from the husband but he got home too early.

I really hope my swap partner likes her new bag and isn’t too miffed at it being late. Sometimes life just gets in the way. We don’t always hit our deadlines and that’s ok. If you’re part of the swap and haven’t sent your item out yet just drop us a line to let us know how it’s going a functionalfeltswap {at} gmail {dot} com. Obviously, I will understand. Jen wrote a great post on things to keep in mind as we try to wrap up this swap, please take a moment to check it out if you haven’t already. And keep posting those pictures to the flickr group. We just love seeing everyone’s work.

Functional Felt Swap Deadline

28 05 2008

Check out all this wonderful stuff coming out of the Functional Felt Swap. I’m so impressed with the variety and quality of the items being produced. To think I’m a co-host! It blows me away. Not only are these creative items coming out of 13 US states, but 7 countries! I’m amazed. See who made each of these items and check out more pics by clicking here. For those participating in the swap that haven’t posted a picture of their item please do so. It is incredibly fun to see it all. Don’t have and don’t want a flickr account? You could also email us any shots and we could post for you.

As for my item? I’m a bad, bad hostess. I’ve finished knitting my item and just need to throw it in the wash in the morning. At first I was thinking one day late, no biggy. But now I’ve realize that it may not dry in one day. I certainly don’t want to mail something that will mold in it’s postal box by the time it gets to the recipient. I hope they don’t mind that it’s a teeny bit late. I promise it’ll be worth it. I went overboard. (no surprise) We did get a camera today (an Olympus Stylus 1030 SW) so I can take some picks once we have some daylight tomorrow. Fingers crossed that something doesn’t go horribly awry in the washing machine.

A Fortune and a Winner!

20 05 2008

Tonight we had Chinese delivered. Eleanor couldn’t get enough of the pork fried rice and Seth really enjoyed the “chicken nuggets” (aka sweet and sour chicken). Although he thought I was absolutely disgusting for eating the cream cheese wantons. Every time I took a bite I got a big “ewwww” from him. Humorous to say the least. The best part? My fortune. I don’t know about you but most fortune cookies I get do not have actual fortunes in them. Usually they are more along the lines of a wise saying. It irritates me. Tonight, however, I got a great fortune:

“A dark haired woman will soon be giving you a gift.”

I kid you not! Do you think it’s my swap partner? It’s very exciting.

Things are really starting to heat up with the Functional Felt Swap. If you haven’t seen some of the great items being created you really should take a peek at the photo pool on flickr. I’m happy to report that 70% of the participants have commented or posted about their progress. Some haven’t started but are thinking hard and others have completed and mailed their swap items already! I haven’t made much progress since my posting last week as we’ve had family in town and my little sweetness turned one but I’m happy with were I’m at. Speaking of last week’s post and progress reports, drum roll please……….. The winner of the update giveaway is none other than Debbie! Check out Debbie’s great felt covered nature journal for the swap:

Debbie will receive my felted i-cord bracelet. I hope she likes it!

Swap Update & A Giveaway!

14 05 2008

I got a bit antsy waiting to start my swap project before the partners were handed out so I started what I thought was a little something to keep me occupied.  In my normal fashion I neglected to read the directions all the way through before hand and by the time I realized I would need to knit three six foot i-cords I was already too into the project. The above headband is the result. You can see another shot here. I had to run it through the washer 6 TIMES to get it to full how I wanted it. By the time all was said and done I had left over felted i-cords. What to do? Well a Functional Felt Swap giveaway, of course! Here’s what I came up with:

A lovely (in my opinion), light as air bracelet. This giveaway is open to all Functional Felt Swap participants. (Sorry to my other wonderful readers – but don’t fear I have another giveaway planned for the nearish future.) In order to qualify for this giveaway all you need to do is comment about your progress to date on this post, Jen’s update post,  or upload a shot to our flickr group by end of day Monday, May 19th. It could even be simply about the materials you plan to use. If you take a look at the flickr group it’ll be pretty obvious that some go getters are already entered into this giveaway. But don’t let that stop you from commenting. We want to hear what you think of the swap so far. As for me, here’s my progress. I should have put a quarter in there for scale. If I had it would have been about the size of you mouse pointer.


23 04 2008

Functional Felt Swap partner emails have been sent out!!! See Jen’s post for more info and news on the giveaway winner!