A Valentine pARTy

7 02 2012

Had a little fun at Jen’s this weekend making lovey dovey stuff. A paint chip garland inspired by this and a smattering of cards. You know who the green one is for, don’t you?


Henna Heart

6 02 2012

A little henna tattoo on the 4 year old. She loves it and is very sad that it’s starting to fade.

Valentine Matching Clip Job

2 02 2012

Inspired by a photograph found via pinterest, I decided to make a valentine themed job for Eleanor’s preschool classroom. When I showed it to Eleanor she loved the idea. Well, except for the sharing part. Apparently there was a bit of a concern about a specific little boy ruining it with his “germs”.

I promised to laminate it and told her if she liked it, I could make a 2nd set for home and she graciously gave her consent. Seeing as she couldn’t keep her hands off it last night when it wasn’t even done yet, I have a feeling I’ll be making that 2nd set.

I backed 14 pretty papers with pink card stock, laminated and cut out hearts.

I was having difficulty with glue and the clothespins as I was trying to use the left over laminated scraps. However, not a single type of glue in my household would hold those puppies together. I finally took a step back and simplified. Using a little more fresh unlaminated paper and good old modge podge I got the job done.

The arrow points are still laminated as I feared a gaggle of preschoolers would otherwise do them in. Plus both clips and hearts are backed in solid pink.

Eleanor was rather upset that she couldn’t bring it to school this morning, but now it’s ready and waiting for her.

Happy Thanksgiving!

24 11 2011

Thanksgiving Place Cards

22 11 2011

After plenty of suggestions, the kids finally chose the place cards they wanted to make for Thanksgiving. Origami is simply irresistible to Seth. We didn’t use construction paper like the instructions suggest, but nifty origami paper that reminded me of wooden boards.

We now have an entire fleet, ready and waiting for Thanksgiving.

Here are some of the other options we considered:

April Fool’s Yellow

5 04 2011

Seth had been looking forward to April Fool’s Day for some time, dreaming of the day he cold play a prank on someone. Preferably this joke would be played on his father. So we quietly planned how best to get his papa.

A friend of mine had got me a subscription to Family Fun magazine, saying it made her think of me. And although it’s disney, I know what she means. It’s a fun magazine full of projects that are easily executable. When this mag comes I usually have to patiently wait for Seth to go through it and then I get my turn. When I saw this “sponge cake” prank in the last issue I knew it would be perfect.

Here I give you my yellow for Poppytalk’s Spring Colour Week:

Yep, that’s really a sponge under that chocolate icing! We made a real cake too. It would have been suspicious had we just given him a piece of cake only. We hid a real piece of cake for him and handed out the other plates – real cake for me and the kids, sponge cake for Papa. As Steve tried his best to cut a bite off with his fork you could see the wheels turning – what’s going on? they really messed up the cake, I wonder if this is one of Seth’s own recipes (those usually taste like play dough btw). All the while he was trying to be polite and not let the kids know his concern. And although Eleanor almost gave away the surprise earlier in the day, they had held it together until that moment. They both fell on the floor laughing so hard that I couldn’t keep a straight face.

It was perfect!

Valentine Pencils

21 02 2011

Thought I’d get through all the valentine posts last week but I ran out of juice. I realize you are all probably over Valentines Day and wanting to move on, but I’m going to bore you with 2 more posts and then swear to do my projects earlier next year (you know, like I do every year).

These are the valentines Seth gave out to his classmates this year. Totally inspired by Erin over at House on Hill Road who in turn was inspired by Alissa at 24*7*365.

And although I think the suckers they used were totally cute and I believe candy and valentines day go hand in hand, I know I can count on other parents to supply plenty of treats. Therefore, we opted for pencils.

These photographs do not do them justice. But they were hard to photograph with the limited sun we’ve had around here. We printed the pics on card stock to keep the cost down and simply wrote on each one with a sharpie. Seth was a trooper and signed them all himself on the backside the day before the big day. In fact all of these projects were finished on the very last possible day.  Such is the way we roll.