Neck Gator

8 01 2010

Steve and I chose not to exchange gifts this year. The kids each got us something so it’s not like we weren’t going to get anything. And technically we pay for those gifts anyway. By doing this our money can go toward a lovely little spring project of a new front and back door on our house. Unfortunately, this decision was made after I had purchased and started knitting him a little gift. So I gave it to him anyway. It was pretty small after all.

Plus I had wanted to knit this up ever since I saw Christina’s last year. It didn’t hurt that when I had pointed out the neck gator to Steve he had immediately asked me to make him one. I just followed her simple directions and finished in less than two knitting group get togethers. Easy peasy!


Hat #2

6 01 2010

Seth really liked the hat I had made for the neighbor girl from the left over yarn from his vest. I tried to convince him that a different pattern, color or yarn would be a good idea but he didn’t buy it. The first hat I had made barely fit on his head. Any growth what so ever and it would pop right off. So without consulting, I made the woman’s size. This is basically the same hat with one extra repeat for added length. Had I to do it over again, I would have increased the width by one repeat and only increased the length by 1/2 a repeat. But I’ll leave it as is because this way I can wear it too.

In order to prevent confusion over who’s hat is who’s on play dates I crudely embroidered his initials on the inside. In green, of course.

Pattern – Hermione’s Cable & Eyelet Hat by JL Yarnworks

Ravelry – here

I’ve heard him, no less than 3 times in the last 2 days, exclaim how much he loves his hat. So nice to be appreciated. If only he felt that way about some of the bigger projects I’ve made him, like that vest. I had a hooded vest planned for him but maybe I should stick to smaller projects for now.


27 12 2009

Finally, I can show you some of what has been taking up all my time – namely knitting gifts and merry making. Though I can’t reveal all as some items haven’t reached their final destination.

To start the big reveal, my first piece of lace work. Actually, this was given a month ago but I’ve been too busy with the holidays to document it. I made this scarf/wrap/cowl for my sister. And in a funny twist of fate my mother  also made her a scarf. Only hers was white and fulled with fancy needle felting.

The fun thing about this piece is how many ways you can wear it. To see more views, take a look at the pattern. Fortunately, she liked it! Especially since it was like knitting with thread and took a bit longer than I expected.

Pattern – Wisp by Cheryl Niamath

Yarn – Cascade Kid Seta, used only 1 skein, but had to cut the pattern short

Ravelry – here

Little Gnome

17 11 2009

Thanks to Kristin, I got to spend a relaxing afternoon with a group of lovely women learning how to make these little guys. I think more are needed for the stockings don’t you?

Vest to Hat

18 10 2009

Finished this vest up last month but couldn’t get a model at 1st during the warm temps. Now it’s the perfect weather for it.

I did make a fortuitous mistake in the beginning when I did one repeat too many of one of the center cables.  I had been fretting over the fact that most children’s sweaters seem to be too wide and too short and was worried that this pattern was no different. I kept thinking I should have altered the pattern and was seriously contemplating ripping the whole thing apart and starting over. Then I realized my mistake and the fact that my mistake actually compensated for the too wide/too short issue. Perfect! I continued the mistake through the rest of the pattern.


  •  Pattern – Pembroke from Petite Purls (a cute little online knitting mag)
  • Yarn – Ella Rae Classic Superwash
  • Ravelry details here

Skills learned:

  • Cabling without a cable needle (thank you Jess & Sarah!)
  • V neck ribbing
  • Reading charts! (really, this was my 1st time)

What I would change:

  • Keep my extra middle cable repeat mistake
  •  Knit in the round vs. panels

About a week ago I was under the weather and found a a little more than a day to myself with only enough energy for couch activities. I bumped something and a ball of yarn rolled out from under the end table. It turned out to be the left over yarn from this vest. I had recently seen this post on Chickpea Sewing Studio and happened to know a little girls who’s birthday was that week and who happened to be a Harry Potter fan. It was meant to be, right? Apparently, because it whipped up in no time flat and was a complete success. I even included a picture of Hermione wearing the hat in the gift bag to ensure comprehension. The fact that it cost me absolutely no money was a complete bonus.

Pattern – Hermione’s Cable & Eyelet Hat by JL Yarnworks

Modifications – 12 rows of 1×1 twisted ribbing to start with as suggested by Chickpea and Sketchbook.

Skills learned:

  • 1×1 twisted ribbing – nice pronounced ribbing that I swear knits more quickly than normal ribbing
  • Cable cast on – awkward and slow, but stretchy and totally worth it 

Seth very reluctantly modeled the hat for me. It was a teeny bit small on his giant head but fits the recipient perfectly. Afterwards, he took it off and sat staring at it for a bit. 

Seth “This is the same yarn as the vest you made me!”

Me “You’re right!” (feeling very impressed and flattered)

Seth <sniffle> “It matches my vest.”

Me “Yes”  (a little more tentatively this time)

Seth <more sniffles> “I want you to make ME a hat that matches my sweater!!!” <tears>

He’s never asked me to knit him something before. You don’t think I could say no to that do you? Today I showed him several other potential hat options. He emphatically declared that he wanted that hat – same color, same yarn, same pattern. Looks like I’m headed to the yarn store tomorrow. And guess that 1st hat really did cost me a ball of yarn.

Birthday Love

7 10 2009

Look what my mommy made me for my birthday! Knitted and fulled mittens with needle felted flowers embellished with a little embroidery and beading. Not only that, but she even used roving from last years wool dyeing pARTy. They’re very toasty with enough wiggle room to wear some glove liners inside. I even wore them this morning. Granted it was only in the car, but that steering wheel can get mighty cold.

And I now have to admit I think I have a problem. Japanese craft book addiction. It’s sad but true. I’ve been admiring them from afar. I adore the book club posts at icewerks and have been ogling others online. I had been really good at resisting until Jen got me this crochet book for my birthday.

Uh, oh. I’m not sure I can hold out much longer. I mean look at these cute slippers.

What’s worse, is that I only crochet a couple times a year and would by no means claim to be good at it. And if I’m that enamored of a japanese crochet book, how can I resist others? Logically I know it’s the beautiful photography and the clean layout, but logic won’t stop me from hitting the purchase button.

Beach Knitting

28 07 2009

I did manage to get a little knitting in while on vacation.  Some on the beach, but most in our rooms or the car. Had I not 2 little sea urchins to look after I would have sat longer with the needles, under the umbrella, listening to the waves. Ahhhh…..

These were given to my mother-in-law for her birthday that week. The larger green one from Seth, the little purple one from Eleanor. Appropriate, no? I knitted them right in front of her and almost got away without even saying what they were. But I kept it a secret that they were for her. Shhhh…. don’t tell her but there’s a mistake on the green one. I must have gotten distracted by the feel of the sand on my toes and miscounted. There was a time deadline and it’s not that apparent so I let it slide. No one knows but you and me.

Both patterns came from Knit Dishcloth Corner, a little site chalk full of knitted dishcloth patterns. All in French, but most translated to English. Unfortunately, you can only view the patterns in Internet Explorer. C’est la vie. I found these patterns through Ravelry, which I must say is an excellent place to pattern peruse if nothing else.

Purple – Muguets (Lily)

  • Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn
  • 4 repeats
  • Ravelry data here

Green – Vignes (Vineyard)

  • Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn
  • 3 repeats
  • Ravelry data here 

Now. I just need to make some for myself.