Perpetual Calendar

12 01 2009

Photos courtesy of Photojojo.

OK, I can’t even describe to you how much I want to make this calendar. It’s made of photos clipped together and can be used indefinitely. I want to walk up and down University Ave finding numbers to photograph. Or if I’m smart, I’ll even enlist my son to help me locate all the numbers I need. Wonder if I can think of somewhere inside with way less snow that I can find a bunch of awesome numbers.

Anyway, you can find the how-to and the clips at Photojojo. If you like photography, you should definitely be signed up for their newsletter. Seriously. I swear to you every single email I get from them tickles my funny bone. Oh, and they have pretty good picture taking tips and projects too.

And for those polaroid peeps out there, check out this and this version of the calendar. Neat!

After thought: Doesn’t this project remind you of Jen’s Friday Letters? Any locals that wish to join me on a letter photo scavanger hunt are welcome. I’m thinking an antique store or architectural salvage place would be good.