Thanksgiving Place Cards

22 11 2011

After plenty of suggestions, the kids finally chose the place cards they wanted to make for Thanksgiving. Origami is simply irresistible to Seth. We didn’t use construction paper like the instructions suggest, but nifty origami paper that reminded me of wooden boards.

We now have an entire fleet, ready and waiting for Thanksgiving.

Here are some of the other options we considered:


Happy Thanksgiving!

23 11 2010

Seth has been keenly interested in assigned seating ever since starting kindergarten. Eleanor loves the ritual of setting out place cards at dinner daily. When I saw these by Alphamom on The Crafty Crow I couldn’t resist replacing the old dirty strips of paper the kids had been using. It was the perfect project for Seth’s last day home when he was sick last week. Too sick to go to school, not sick enough to just lay on the couch.We found all the materials in the recycle bin and the kids love them.