Making a Felt Board

23 03 2008

We had quite an Easter weekend. There was egg dying, Easter baskets, an indoor egg hunt, snow forts and snowmen. An odd combination even for here in Minnesota. It just kept snowing and snowing. Even with all of the holiday festivities and snow fun I still managed to make a felt board for Seth. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve been meaning to do this for about a year now and am happy to say – mission accomplished! Here’s the how to if your interested:


  • Large frame, including a back panel – I used one with a roughly 16×20 opening
  • Felt for background – a little larger than opening
  • Adhesive – I used a spray photo mount
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting board
  • Straight edge – optional
  • Newspaper


  1. Remove glass from frame – reserve for another project (coasters? a pendant?)
  2. Cut background felt a little larger than back panel of frame. I suggest blue felt as it makes a good sky, ocean or just about any other background.
  3. Adhere felt to back panel. The spray photo mount worked really well. Lay down a layer of newspaper to protect tables as it’s hard not to get some over the edge. I sprayed two coats on both the felt and the board, one vertically and one horizontally. Let dry a few minutes and lay board onto felt, tacky sides together. Smooth down to avoid wrinkles and puckering. If using other types of adhesive remember that felt absorbs well so stay away from things like craft glue straight out of the bottle.
  4. Using a rotary cutter trim excess felt along edge of board.
  5. If one side of the board tucks into a slot on the frame, use a straight edge and the rotary cutter to trim a little back from the edge.
  6. Slip board back into frame and lock into place. Walla! Now all you need is something to stick on the board.

My first batch of items for Seth to play with on the board were inspired by some felt finger puppets that had come with a group of board books his Auntie Ellie gave him a ways back. Some of the books are no more but the puppets are all still in tact. I simply added a grass boarder, a barn and some clouds.

Prefer something a little more open ended? Try simply providing geometric shapes made out of felt. Although Seth thought the farm scene was a hoot, he definitely played more with the shapes.

It took Seth a couple minutes to see how the felt stuck to other felt. There was a little frustration when the first couple pieces he put up fell down. It didn’t take long before he got the hang of applying a little pressure in any direction to make the fibers “lock”. I’m working on a set of build-your-own-flowers and will hopefully be able to post about them later this week. If time cooperates, that is.



22 responses

24 03 2008

I love it! That is exactly what I want to do. Thanks for giving me some ideas about how to see it through! :)

24 03 2008
painted fish studio

such a fabulous project!

24 03 2008
Melissa A.

Very nice! I think I’ll make one soon!

24 03 2008

I love it! It is at the top of my project list now. I have those same felt finger puppets and have wondered what to do with them. Glad I hung onto them!

24 03 2008

What a nice way to make a felt board! I’d made one when my son was very little, but it didn’t stay together well. I like the idea of using a nice frame and hanging it right on the wall. Thanks for sharing. :)

24 03 2008
Megan H

This is a great idea! It’s definitely going on my list of things to do for the kids. Thanks for sharing. Also, I remember making those fingerprint animals and such when I was a kid, then I would sometimes take paper and an inkpad with me on baby-sitting jobs as back-up entertainment.

25 03 2008

how wonderful! thanks for posting such a clear tutorial…looks like Peanut will get one of these in the near future.

26 03 2008
Shoppin Momma

Awesome! Thanks for sharing! This is great!

27 03 2008

I love this idea! I have planned to make a chalk board for my daughter and framing it. This would be great to go on the opposite wall! Thanks for sharing with such detailed instructions!

11 04 2008
Make and Takes

I just found you off The Artful Parent. This is a great tutorial. I have wanted to make a felt board for a while and this is inspiring. It came out so clean looking! Thanks.

15 04 2008

I made the felt board as a gift for a 2 year old this weekend and it was a big hit. Thanks for the great tutorial. I didn’t have a big piece of felt so I used 4 pieces of self stick felt. Worked great and no messy spray adhesive.

15 04 2008

Oooh! Self stick felt. Fancy! (and a great idea)

19 05 2008
Thought about writing « Doodlesanddreams’s Weblog

[…] friend Amy posted this on our message board: and I decided it was the perfect time to make it […]

2 10 2008

i am making a felt board for my sunday school class for my kids ages 2-15 thanks so much it will be much easier and cheaper for me thank you

6 10 2009

Thanks for such great idea.

25 02 2010

I love the idea of using a frame!! Thanks for sharing :)

30 03 2010

Clever idea! My 5 year old daughter would love playing with this! I’ll make one as soon as I have all the supplies. I’m sure she’ll have a blast helping out :) BTW I’ve linked your blog to mine. Thanks!

14 01 2011
Beth Rosenblatt

This is perfect for a third grade presentation that we are doing next month.
I plan to make it soon. Thanks!!


9 02 2011

hi! i love this! i’d like to ask permission to use one of your pics for a group report about felt boards in our educ class. thanks!

18 04 2011

Perfect Ideas!

11 06 2011

I’m gonna try it. Luckily , I had a picture frame rattling in the back of the car months. Thank U for the awesome idea.

28 11 2012
Janeen Herlugson

Hi, this is great! I would love to link this on my blog post about flannel boards!

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