Build Your Own Flowers

24 03 2008

Since the gardens are still buried in snow, this build your own flower kit will have to provide us with that Spring feeling for now. It accompanies our newly made felt board nicely and was a breeze to put together. I created piles of stems, leaves and pedals out of felt for Seth to arrange as he pleased. Actually, he preferred to direct me on where to put each item but it was still fun and we were still doing something creative together. The addition of a few clouds and a grass base pulled it all together. You might be wondering about the green stripe running from top to bottom on the left side. Well, according to Seth, it’s a beanstalk, as in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Note to self – just because your having fun with the rotary cutter doesn’t mean you have to use it for everything. Circles really mar up the cutting board.



6 responses

24 03 2008

This is a good crafty idea for kids. The ideas are endless for what you can do with it. I love Seth’s imagination (Jackand the Beanstalk ). : )

25 03 2008

I love the clouds. They remind me of Summer. Which may never come.

25 03 2008
painted fish studio

so pretty! i’m sad that we’re still buried under snow and need felt boards for our spring flowers!

25 03 2008

I was going to suggest making felt characters that go with stories…then you could put the characters on the board as you tell the story! Seth is way ahead of me though!

I love your spring flowers… :)

26 11 2008
Lilia's Mommy

Very cute, love the bean stalk!

13 12 2008

Wonderful idea, looks gr8 in kids rooms.

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