A Garden For the Birds

10 11 2008

I was too presidentially obsess and tuckered out from work last week to post about this lovely day with family and friends back at the arboretum. Although I enjoy winter I don’t want fall to end as it’s my favorite season. It’s fleeting nature only adds to it’s charm.

One task item I already have for the long winter months is to work on a good garden plan for my small front yard. I want to turn a rather big chunk of it into a haven for birds inspired by a small garden at the arboretum that reminded me of the white pines we already planted in my front yard. How’s that? Inspiration based on a reminder of what I’ve already done. Anyway, I want to add some fruit bearing bushes to the mix.

I’m also going to be dreaming up ways to get the kids more involved with my birding passion, like making tons of birdseed ornaments. I was planing on making a colored rice sensory box but I like this one even better with sunflower seeds.

They really enjoyed uncovering little plastic bugs in the box. The best part is that when we’re tired of it or it gets too dirty we can feed it to the birds – zero waste!




4 responses

11 11 2008

love the idea of playing in the bird seed and then feeding it to the birds! I once left our rice bucket outside-with the lid on-and the squirrels busted into it.

11 11 2008

nodded the head in agreement over the birding passion. loved the birds while in australia and donnie’s yard is a bird magnet. wish i could play with those birdseeds too. can’t wait to see what you do with your garden. :D

11 11 2008
painted fish studio

i should look into berry-bearing plants. i love feeding the birds, especially the gold finches… but those common sparrows (i forget what they are, but they’re in abundance!) are such pigs and clean out the feeders immediately. slowly working on figuring out how to get other birds into the yard without going thru tons of seed!

12 11 2008

A bird garden sounds like a great idea for a girl with a camera too!

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